Established by Rosie Cardone in 1994, Cardone and Associates operates exclusively in the fields of family law, de facto relationships and same-sex couples.

We understand you are experiencing a most difficult and distressing time in your life, when you require the best advice delivered with compassion and insight.

We listen and ask the right questions to comprehensively understand your circumstances and to transition you to the next phase of your life.

We intelligently analyse your particular circumstance and provide advice and representation tailored to your particular needs.

We guide you to a negotiated settlement wherever possible, especially if you have an ongoing parental relationship with your former partner.

But where agreement cannot be reached, we bring forensic detail to the thorough preparation of your court documents and act resolutely on your behalf.

Should you be required to give evidence in court, we prepare you to best present your case with clarity and dignity.

If mediation is appropriate in your circumstances, we prepare you for your mediation session so that you are well placed to make informed decisions and achieve a mutually satisfactory outcome.

When you deal with us you can expect a healthy dose of commonsense, empathy and a friendly sensitive service.

We maintain close links with a network of other specialist family law firms around Australia and overseas, and with professionals in related fields, and can arrange appropriate referrals when required.